Regency romance leading the royal aesthetics trend in media and design

In a tech-driven society where logical thinking is valued and hookup culture is the norm, some people desire going back to regency times, with hand-written ball invitations and traditions of courtship. …

Dreaming a slow fulfilling life through internet communities.

Internet youth subcultures reflect the evolution of generational priorities in relation to current events, values and nostalgia. The scene kids wear their straight, flat hair with long fringes with their love for non-mainstream music, e-girls and e-boys dress as their digital personas to gain clout, and cottagecore followers romanticize country…


We are a team of two with Meng Na and myself. We paired with the initial interest to create a low-poly world with a simple environmental narrative V.R story: a village boy who wants to save the birds from losing their home.

I was tasked in creating the 3D models…

Man-Ping Wu

Designer + Art Educator —

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