Regency romance leading the royal aesthetics trend in media and design

In a tech-driven society where logical thinking is valued and hookup culture is the norm, some people desire going back to regency times, with hand-written ball invitations and traditions of courtship. The closest substitution is wearing a Teuta Matoshi gown, setting up a high tea and listening to a light academia playlist.

Dreaming a slow fulfilling life through internet communities.

Internet youth subcultures reflect the evolution of generational priorities in relation to current events, values and nostalgia. The scene kids wear their straight, flat hair with long fringes with their love for non-mainstream music, e-girls and e-boys dress as their digital personas to gain clout, and cottagecore followers romanticize country life to make quarantine less terrifying. Many subcultures are common for developing youth-centric social platforms or microblogs and romanticising the ideals for what the community stands for. Currently rising subcultures are the aesthetics like cottagecore and dark academia, designed to be more inclusive to include LGBTQ+ members, androgynous attire and…

Fandom can be your first clues to find your brand style

Like many creatives, finding a personal brand style is a daunting task, because everyone wants to stand out with their unique perspective. Not sure what to do? Your personal fandom favorites may lead you to some insight as the first step. I stumbled upon my unconventional method while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Call me crazy. Why would a game about building a town, asking cute animals to be your neighbour and paying back your debt to a tanuki, help you find your personal style? …

A mocap beginner’s guide for putting on a live performance. 🤔🤔🤔

Performance at NYU Tandon — Photo taken by Jude Zhu


We were a team of four of New York University (NYU) Integrated Digital Media (IDM) and Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) students grouped together as Team Ono to showcase a live motion dance capture performance.

The Premise

Flickers of Light in Dark Times is a live motion capture dance performance about getting crushed by the adversity in urban life, and regaining strength by accepting kindness and support.

The piece plays with notions of the visible and invisible structures that surrounds us in urban life. The tracked dancer navigates the spaces in between…


We are a team of two with Meng Na and myself. We paired with the initial interest to create a low-poly world with a simple environmental narrative V.R story: a village boy who wants to save the birds from losing their home.

I was tasked in creating the 3D models and other assets, while Meng Na in charge of the unreal game engine.

Man-Ping Wu

Designer, Illustrator & Fandom Writer — More About me:

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